We are a volunteer based non-profit organisation founded by current and former students of various disicplines at ETH Zurich. Since our founding in 2017 our team has continuously grown and now also includes people in other fields and locations.

Contact us  if you are interested in joining!

Anyone is welcome to help, from executing smaller tasks, to taking on larger responsibilites.

Our initiative was started by (PhD) students at ETH Zurich and our team has quickly grown around the globe.

Marcela Giraldo
Marcela Giraldo
Founder & Co-President
Ph.D Candidate Materials Science (ETH)
Dorothea Wiebecke
Dorothea Wiebecke
B.Sc. Candidate Chemistry (ETH)

Jan-Georg Rosenboom
Founder, advisor & US-ambassador
Ph.D.  Chemical Engineering (ETH)

Irina Ritsch
Founder, Communication & Distribution
Ph.D. Cand. Physical Chemistry (ETH)

Katharina Keller
Founder, Finance & Legal
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (ETH)

Jannick Griner
Founder, IT & Website
M.Sc. Computer Science

Sarah Rowan
Case Leader / Communication & Social Media
M.Sc. Geology (ETH)

Alena Budinská
Design & Communication
M.Sc. Candidate Inorganic Chemistry (ETH)

Timo Niepel
Case Leader
Ph.D. Candidate Chemistry(ETH)

Selver Pepić
Founder & Logistics
M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering (ETH)

Gregor Jotzu
Founder & DE-ambassador
Ph.D. Physics (ETH)
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg, DE

Wilfred Elegba
Founder, CGI U Coach & Ghana-Ambassador
Ph.D. Molecular Plant Biology (ETH)

Gastón Larrazábal
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (ETH)

Jennifer Brown
Installation & Maintenance
Ph.D. Candidate Development and Cooperation (U Basel)