EquipSent directly matches the donated equipment to a receiver and organizes the transport from the Donor to the Receiver.

EquipSent takes care of the legal regulations which are involved in the transfer process such as customs regulations and shipping embargos. We provide a draft contract for the Donation of Equipment. A Receiver-Donor agreement is also drawn up by EquipSent and it includes the following points:

  • The Donor is responsible for the check-out of the equipment at his location and has to test the equipment for functionality before shipping. The equipment should be packed suitably for shipping with all required parts, manuals and, if available, tutorials by the Donor, and EquipSent will provide assistance if needed. Furthermore, the Donor confirms that all data have been deleted before handing over of the item.
  • The Receiver commits to reporting on the arrival and installation, and ensures the appropriate usage of of equipment. Reports of the area of application have to be submitted. The equipment will be marked with a statement ‘Kindly donated by …’. The Receiver confirms awareness that the received equipment is not new, i.e. may exhibit some slight wear from prior usage.
  • EquipSent declines liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by anybody through the use of the equipment. EquipSent does not warrant the functionality and/or the serviceability of the equipment.

All warranty of the Donor and EquipSent are explicitly excluded.

A swap of the received equipment for another equipment is not possible. After handover of the item to the Receiver or to the carrier, the risk of any damage, accidental or not, to the equipment shall lie with the Receiver.