GenePulserII Available!

Equipment Available! Almost never used Gene Pulser II Elektroporation System (BioRad) + Capacitance Extender Plus (BioRad). Will only be shipped together. If you are intested in receiving this piece of equpiment, fill out the ‘Future Recipients Questionaire‘ to see if you are eligible, and add the reference “GENEPULSER01” to it!

EquipSent is interested in a large variety of scientific equipment and devices. Here are a few examples:

Low-range (< 1’000 CHF/EUR)

glass ware, electronics, optical components, electronic circuits, pipettes, etc

Mid-range  (< 20’000 CHF/EUR)

vacuum pumps, scales, etc

Top-range (> 20’000 CHF/EUR)

HPLC, XRD, SEM, FTIR, lasers, MS, etc

If you are interested in receiving equipment, please get in touch and describe your situation (planned usage of the equipment, involvement in education, user experience with the desired devices, currently already available  equipment). Also contact us if you require some equipment that is not listed above. We will reach out to our donor network and let you know if we find a match for you.

If you want to donate any scientific equipment, please  get in touch as well. We will find a recipient in need and establish the match!