Give equipment a second life!

Scientific laboratory equipment is often stored unused after its standard usage time, and sadly by default eventually ends up in the trash.

In many cases the equipment is still functional, and potentially exactly what a school or university elsewhere needs for the training of talented students.

EquipSent seeks to put such resources to better and more sustainable use by redistributing unused devices from high-income countries to partner institutions in low-income countries.


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Ongoing Projects

 From Zurich to Sarajevo – A mass spectrometer on the move

In a currently ongoing case we have matched an institute at ETH Zurich working on Environmental Chemistry with a group focusing on the same field at the University of Sarajevo.

The old, but fully functional mass spectrometer in Zurich, ready for shipping …

The group in Sarajevo is heavily limited in funding for state-of-the-art equipment: they currently own one single (very old) mass spectrometer, which is used by 400 students for training and doctoral theses. This causes delays of more than two months for urgently required analyses.

Fortunately, we have found a group in Switzerland that has just recently replaced this exact type of device by a new counterpart. Together with other older devices (ovens, polarographs, glass ware) this transfer of scientific equipment, originally worth 150 000 CHF, will enable a much more efficient and broadly accessible education in Sarajevo.

EquipSent is organizing the matching, shipping, knowledge transfer, installation and legal contracting for this project. We are looking forward to seeing the first scientific studies conducted on the devices in their new location in Bosnia!

… to its new destination in Bosnia.


GenePulserII Available!

Equipment Available! Almost never used Gene Pulser II Elektroporation System (BioRad) + Capacitance Extender Plus (BioRad). Will only be shipped together. If you are intested in receiving this piece of equpiment, fill out the ‘Future Recipients Questionaire‘ to see if you are eligible, and add the reference “GENEPULSER01” to it!

EquipSent is interested in a large variety of scientific equipment and devices. Here are a few examples:

Low-range (< 1’000 CHF/EUR)

glass ware, electronics, optical components, electronic circuits, pipettes, etc

Mid-range  (< 20’000 CHF/EUR)

vacuum pumps, scales, etc

Top-range (> 20’000 CHF/EUR)

HPLC, XRD, SEM, FTIR, lasers, MS, etc Continue reading “Inventory”

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