Element Analyzer for Sarajevo

As our first prototype, this case involved a shipment of an originally costly analytical chemistry equipment (more than 100,000 USD) including a graphite furnace atomizer and a polarograph from ETH Zurich to the University of Sarajevo. EquipSent matches the two research groups, which both rely on these types of devices for teaching and research on Environmental Chemistry. The group in Sarajevo is heavily limited in funding for state-of-the-art equipment: they own only one such device, which is 60 years old and used by 400 students for training and doctoral theses. On the other hand, a 20 y old device from ETH Zurich has been replaced with a more modern ICP device, which made the device available. The transfer as well as the installation has been completed in mid 2019, and since then the devices service great purpose not only for education, but also to help investigate and resolve local issues such as the air pollution in Sarajevo.

Watch the Video below!

EquipSent successfully organized a transport from Zurich to the University of Sarajevo

 Electronic devices / Oscilloscopes for Congo

This case involves the shipment of physics and electronics lab equipment including about 30 oscilloscopes worth more than 10000 USD and other physics and electronics lab equipment to UCBC, a young university in Beni, Congo. The local professors, both Congolese and American, are trying to establish new curricula for electromagnetism and circuitry courses, and are in great need for hands-on training equipment for their classes. These devices will be used to train hundreds of students, improve education and aid local projects on renewable energy systems in one of countries with the the highest incidences of poverty in the world.

Boxes with oscilloscopes and other electronic devices packed by Irina, Marcela and Kathi from EquipSent