Sustainability and Development go Hand in Hand

We believe that with our method of operation we are addressing two issues of the modern global scientific and technological world in one project.

For one thing, the early disposal of still useful scientific equipment is a waste of resources in high-income countries. In many cases the limiting factor for sustainable re-use of such equipment is the adminstrative effort that comes with trying to find a new purpose for a given piece of equpiment.  By strongly reducing this administrative effort for our donors we remove this barrier. A successful equipment transfor has the additional benefit of freeing up valuable laboratory space of the donor that is wasted to storage.

The second major aspect of our initiative is the benefit that arises for the reciepient. The devices will be distributed to universities, schools and research institutes in low-income countries (examples include Bosnia, or Congo). The devices are destined to be primarily used for teaching activities, such as hands-on teaching classes, and for educational research. We ensure that donated devices are put to sustainable use and that long-term bonds and collaborations are established. Every partner must conform to our ethical rules.

You want to get rid of old devices?

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Donate equipment! We organize the rest.

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You want to support education in the form of a CSR project?

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